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    Good Morning!


      Good Morning!


      This is to post my concern with my load because every time I load you would subtract my load without me joining any groups, any promos or any whatever.


      Likewise, I am normally on UNLI and when I do make calls to GLOBE, TM or landline, you would subtract whereas I am on UNLI CALLS and UNLI TEXTS.


      Please clarify as this is a form of stealing and please return the said amount that I believe you can see in your system.


      Thank you.





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          Hi Cindy! Thank you for posting your concern here in Globe Community!

          Does your handset is an Internet-capable device? If yes, please check if your mobile data setting is turned on while using your phone. Background applications may charged you for data access. Otherwise, please call the Customer Service 211 using your mobile phone or (02)730-1000 using a landline to validate the load usage.

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