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    No internet 9days and counting (no tech show up)


      Hi GLOBE,


      im writing this down as I have run out of patience in resolving my issue with your internet connection. It’s been 9days now since we lost connection. I’m using my internet for my business and It’s been close now for 9 freaking days imagine the money I’m losing each day. I have called everyday they said there is outage in my area (7days) then I called again 7thdays they said issue was fixed but still I got no connection. They sent a tech visit suppose to be yesterday July 17,2018 with job order 39040311 saying will escalate my issue so next day they will visit but no one came. Again today July 18, 2018 visit was suppose to be 8am-12noon but again no text and no one came I called again they said they will reschedule OFU18070026567 1pm-8pm seriously what do I have to do to fix my internet connection. This is a business I’m talking about and huge money I’m losing. Globe please do something about this.,