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    How to claim Free Netflix?


      I have received an email saying that Globe has given me a gift, a 6-month Netflix trial. I'm trying to claim it but I've been redirected to this forum, without any further instruction on how to claim the free Netflix. Is there anyone here with the same issaue? Hope someone can help. TIA!

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Ayre.


          Sorry to hear that. If you're on broadband, Gie will help you out. Just send her a chat.

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            You'll receive a text from Globe a day after successfully activating your new Postpaid plan with instructions on how to activate your Netflix gift.

            Here are the steps below:

            • Step 1: Go to netflix.globe.com.ph, and tap/click "Verify Now".
            • Step 2: Enter your Globe mobile number and wait for the one-time password to be sent to your phone.
            • Step 3: Input the one-time-password and you'll be redirected to a screen saying you're eligible for a 6 month Netflix gift.
            • Step 4: Tap/click "I accept", to accept the terms and conditions. You'll then be redirected to the Netflix Portal.
            • Step 5: Create your Netflix account and start watching!
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