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    How do i fix a globe billing issue ?  Globe failure to fullfill contract obligations


      I was on a contract with globe for Home broadband LTE that had a 50 or 60GB cap the terms were that i could add a " data boost" to fix it when the cap was reached. Problem is when we would call to add it, it would take days or weeks for them to process, they always had errors, sometimes over 2 weeks they would say its added and its not, no internet. This caused a major impact to our business and we lost multiple clients .  I told globe if they were unable to add the databoost when i called , better to cancel.  Now they are charging me 11k php for services they did not render.


      The service failed me, Im willing to settle the bill, but refuse to pay for something that was not provided and impacted our business operations.  How can i find someone reasonable at globe to understand the history, notes and tickets to resolve the issue? Advice?