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    PLAN 799


      I got my plan 799 and used last June 17 2018 with 800 cash out, i checked my bill today and i have 691.46 to pay on Aug 2 2018. the bill charges from June 13 2018 to July 12 2018 is 1491.46


      Question: pano po ba cycle ng bill ko? ang alam ko wala ako excess from last month at bakit naging 13th day of the month ang due date ko?

      panong umabot ng 1419.46 yung bill na wala pa 1 month mula nung nagamit ko? correct me if im wrong, 799 lang ang expected na babayaran ko since may advance akong 800 nung June 2018, and start ng bill ko dapat mula July 17 to Aug 17 2018.

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          This is just an estimated, but Globe's Billing System most likely prorated your bill from activation date and to your monthly cut-off date based on the number of days or hours of usage.


          Call 211 using your mobile

          Dial 027301000 using landline


          For more information.



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