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    The PON Blinking | Ongoing Issue | No ETR | NTC


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      to cwpd

      Globe Telecom

      The Globe Tower

      Cor 36 St. Uptown

      Bonifacio, Taguig City

      Metro Manila, Philippines




      To whom may it concern,



                      Good Day Globe Family my name is Fatima Saji-in one of your avid customer in Quezon City. I would like to inform you about our ongoing problem with your services where your Customer Service and Technical Team doesn’t seem to care. We were without our services since July 5, 2018 and kept calling to make a followup on repair or restoration of our services, however your customer service kept providing false information and false promises to get rid of us on the phone. Calling your customer has been excruciating not to mention the wait time on the queue.


      July 05, 2018

      Our internet services was cut and basic troubleshooting was done to check if basic troubleshooting will refresh my connection. Upon checking on router we noticed that the LOS led is blinking indicating there’s a physical problem. We called in to check if there’s an outage on our area and confirmed that there’s an upgrade ongoing on my area, DSLAM is being upgraded to accomodate more fiber connection. The outage ID is NET180701534


      July 06, 2018

      We made a followup call to check the status of the outage and confirmed that the upgrade is successful but noticed that our services was not restored, LED light stopped blinking and was replaced by PON led light that blinks every second.

      Call Date: 07/06/2018

      Call Time: 6:33 AM

      CSR Name: Willam Basco

      EID: ZTM05694







      July 07, 2018

      Connection was not restored until that day therefore we made a call and we thought that we overlooked into the bill and forgot to pay, therefore we immediately made a payment that night and requested for reconnection by morning.

      Call Date: 07/07/2018

      Call Time: 8:06AM

      CSR Name: Mary Grace Olidan

      EID: ZTM04585


      We also made a call around 11PM but was not able to find any notation on that account relating to that call.



      July 08, 2018


      Even after making a payment and requesting for a reconnection, our connection/services wasn’t restored and identified that there might be a problem in my services that a technician must be dispatch to check. A job order was created for a tech visit.


      Call Date: 07/08/2018

      Call Time: 6:21PM

      CSR Name: Alan Distor

      EID: ZTM0551

      Schedule: July 24, 2018

      Job Order: 38895830



      July 09, 2018

      We called in to make a followup on the tech visit and said that they are going to escalate to ensure that an immediate tech visit is possible for the next day and asked me if I prefer morning schedule and I said yes.


      Call Date: 07/09/2018

      Call Time: 5:20PM

      CSR Name: Jhane Calwit

      EID: ZTM06066






      July 10, 2018


      No tech visit was made on morning therefore we called in to make a follow up, the CS told us that the tech might be in the area and said that we should wait for a premise visit. This created a rift between me and my partner for we are scheduled to go on work by 6PM and tech visit is around 1 to 8PM as per CS. We fought on who shall wait for the tech visit. We waited until 7PM, both of us were late to work but no tech visit.


      Call Date: 07/10/2018

      Call Time: 3:19PM

      CSR Name: Rey Capalbas

      EID: ZTM05617

      Another call was made by 6PM to check on this matter and was promise the same thing again. “Tomorrow”.

      Call Date: 07/10/2018

      Call Time: 6:05PM

      CSR Name: Carmella Castillon

      EID: ZTCM5361


      July 11, 2018

      No call was made by this day but something happened on the account, original tech visit schedule was moved from July 24 to August 6, 2018 without our consent nor notification from Globe.


      Original Date: July 24, 2018 1 to 8PM

      New Date: August 6, 2018 1 to 8PM

      Generated by: System

      Date and Time Modified: 7:10PM



      July 12, 2018


      We called in to make a follow up on our concern and said that we must wait until afternoon for tech visit. 2 Tech were able to visit our premise, these techs checked our router and seem not to know what to do and kept asking for guidance.  Their first diagnosis is the router should be reactivated by their admin, I didn’t ask why because I thought they know what they are doing. They stayed on our premise for an hour or two. I asked them what is taking so long, and they said they are still waiting for admin to activate the router, again I did not ask why. Before evening the technician went out and said they’ll just get something from their vehicle to attach to our router, again I did not ask what. They said they will be back and me and my partner waited for their comeback.


      I called the tech and asked them if they are going back and said they are going back, But I have no time because I have to go to work. I said to them if they can go back tomorrow and they said yes, they asked for my permission if they can leave their tools in my premise and I said yes.



      Diagnosis: None

      Solution: None



      July 13, 2018


      The technician was able to go back in the morning but doesn’t have a solution or resolution to our problem. They just dropped by to get the tools and sped away, they said they’ll just go back once their admin replied or has a solution? I don’t know. I said yes hoping there will be resolution. Me and my partner went out as we wait for the call. While we were out someone called about the ongoing issue and asked if we were assisted and said it is ongoing, they acknowledged and said they are going to inform the technician and will call us back. Me and my partner agreed to postpone and cut out appointments on that date including his medical checkup for psoriasis and psychiatrist consultation for extreme depression to be able to accommodate incoming technician.


      We agreed to wait until this is over and we can resume his checkup. We slept as we wait for the call and no call was made. I contacted the technician and asked them if they will be able to come back here and resolve our problem, I am shocked and appalled on how they responded to me, they said they are in our area and was in cabinet. They said that there is other customer they need to cater first and reserved first. They also said that a different team will handle our issue tomorrow and the so-called admin will fix and resolve the issue.


      I can’t explain how I am and my partner was disgusted, mocked, and disrespected by that two technicians. My partner who has a globe account since 2012 said that never in his life he was felt very disrespected by a technician from Globe.


      We called customer service seeking help on what we experienced today. We called in to ensure tech visit tomorrow. We also called in to file a complaint against these technicians.


      Call Date: 07/13/2018

      Call Time: 8:87PM

      CSR Name: Armando Aguillar

      EID: ZTCM0424


      Call Date: 07/13/2018

      Call Time: 6:49PM

      CSR Name: Jay Viernes

      EID: ZTCM5754


      July 14, 2018

      We waited until 1PM but no tech visits ever came contrary to what the technician told us yesterday. We called in to express our frustration on what is happening. And we are getting the same thing from your customer service. Said that this will be escalated and asking what time we want these techs to visit us.


      Call Date: 07/14/2018

      Call Time: 2:01PM

      CSR Name: Olive Maquiran

      EID: ZETL7175


      July 15, 2018

      We called in to follow up on tech visit.

      We had tech visit on morning, they were professional looking and seems to know their craft. First they told us that we might need to change modem, a cheaper looking ones but that is fine, as long it function and services will be restored. They started diagnosis and they found out that problem might be in the cabinet on the pillar outside my house. They went outside and confirmed their diagnosis and said that it is no longer their scope and need to refer this to a different contractor who can handle facilities concern like ours. But they did not leave us hanging like the first technician did to us, they said that they will forward the concern to have this dealt immediately.


      Call Date: 07/15/2018

      Call Time: 8:15AM

      CSR Name: John Madrid

      EID: ZTM04768







      July 16, 2018

      We called in to follow up on our tech visit they said they were going to send an escalation to have an immediate onsite visit. But due to heavy rains our luck depends on heaven and we’re at the mercy of sun. And same stuff everyday “Tomorrow”.


      Call Date: 07/16/2018

      Call Time: 8:50AM

      CSR Name: Ella Flores

      EID: ZETL7956


      July 17, 2018

      It’s raining hard and it’s raining early morning, so we are not expecting anything currently. But yeah Tomorrow again. Somebody from Globe Telecom accessed my account but no notation under my account.


      Call Date: 07/17/2018

      Call Time: 8:29AM

      CSR Name: Hoby Brillantes

      EID: ZTM04725


      Account Access Date: 07/17/2018 8:23AM

      CSR Name: Jennifer Pasqua

      EID: ZTCM1474

      Notation: N/A



      July 18, 2018


      It has stopped raining non-stop, it drizzle but it would stop. I’ve seen Globe people repairing a cabinet beside Harvard and Colombia street therefore I conclude that ours will be next since our street are few blocks away. We called in and they said that they will send an escalation and provide us feedback for immediate on-site visit. Our dilemma continues with added confusion, if there’s a technician who can work on a weather that was not clear at the moment, why it takes too much time to get into our premise and start working in it? And the hard part is they were near my area?


      Call Date: 07/18/2018

      Call Time: 10:59 AM

      CSR Name: Cherlyn Hacinto

      EID: ZETL2586


      July 19, 2018


      Still no on-site visit and no information onto when this will all end. I still get the same thing. We were informed that tech visit might or might happen during weekends. I thought there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We were still pissed on why they were not able to work on this for we have no internet for almost 2 weeks. Even with so-called priority and escalation can’t do anything about our problem. We were told to keep our lines open for update.


      Call Date: 07/19/2018

      Call Time: 6:25 AM

      CSR Name: Jelyn Ombao

      EID: ZTP01956


      July 19, 2018


      We called in to make a followup on the on-site visit since weekend is fastly approaching. We talked with Louis Bautista around 10:22AM and we asked for a Manager so we can pullup all information about our calls and notation on the account. Louis Bautista said that there’s no available Manager until 11AM therefore I asked for a supervisor on the floor. Agent Louis said that he is having trouble transferring me to a supervisor and said that there’s a system issue, I was placed on hold multiple times as agent tried to transfer me. Line was suddenly cut and no callback was even made from the agent. I called in again and asked what happened to last call and the agent I am talking to this time was Rainel and he said that base on the notation, I was disconnected. Lying on notation is a crime, what makes it worst is no callback was made and I have to suffer in the queue before I can even talk again. It took 14 minutes of my life waiting for an agent to answer. I insisted to talk to a supervisor but the supervisor is currently engaged by that time and he said that he will make an escalation and promised to call me back once there’s an update. He promised that he will do so but the thing is I am already tired of hearing promises from anyone in your company. Agent insisted to assist me on getting call notation on the account for I will be using it to file a complaint on NTC.


      Finally we spoke to May Ann Billan who is the attending supervisor on that time, she said that our concern is already a Level 3 Escalation and should be prioritized. I was amazed by that level 3 stuff but your customer calling everyday is not yet alarming to you and should not be prioritized? I guess globe doesn’t have 7 days repeat or Code Red customers, it seems you guys treat every customer as normal customer no matter what case is. The only thing that separate your customers is the price. Platinum service may get faster service? May Ann Billan is amazing, she stood by her words and kept calling me said she did her best and just awaiting result. For the first time we got a phone call back from a supervisor. But those call back never helped. We talked to several representatives and we got the same thing. They said that they will send an escalation to their support group and call me back once there’s an update.


      Call Date: 07/20/2018

      Call Time: 10:22AM

      CSR Name: Louis Bautista

      EID: ZTM06085


      Call Date: 07/20/2018

      Call Time: 10:22AM

      CSR Name: Rainiel Gomez

      EID: ZETL7445


      Call Date: 07/20/2018

      Call Time:

      CSR Name: May Ann Bilan

      EID: ZETL5723


      Call Date: 07/20/2018

      Call Time:

      CSR Name: Joan Sistina

      EID: ZTM04760


      Call Date: 07/20/2018

      Call Time:

      CSR Name: April Dee

      EID: ZTM3340





      July 20, 2018


      We called in to make a follow-up on visit but we got the same thing, they will escalate this to the support group and was asked my preferred schedule. I said morning, they said that they will escalate this to the support group and will contact me.


      July 21, 2018


      We called in by morning to make a follow up on tech visit, we got the same hell for everyday and they said that they will make an escalation to the support group and I was passed to the supervisor. The supervisor said that they will make an escalation for a tech visit by tomorrow, but I said I requested for today. The supervisor said that they will wait for it to be approved.


      No visit was made. We called in 2 Times again and went into argument with one of the representatives. I said that in one of my call a representative said that once a ticket was created it shouldn’t take 24-48 hours for a tech visit, in one of my calls the representative said that there’s a problem with the scheduling system of globe that is why mine was scheduled on July 24, 2018. The female rep argued with me and said that their system is working perfectly that the system will book the schedule to the next available schedule and I was booked on July 24 because all other dates was fully booked. We engulfed in rough argument and the rep provided us with 1-month credit amounting 1,899PHP.


      July 22, 2018


      We stopped calling for this day, we don’t want to raise our blood pressure again.


      July 23, 2018


      With our original schedule day on edge we called in to check if an immediate tech visit is possible and I asked if a callback update is possible, the representative said yes, they said that they will call us back but no callback was ever made. We also asked the representatives and the infamous support group that the tech visit should be made on morning since we have to prepare for work by afternoon.




      July 24, 2018


      We called in morning to ensure that there will be a morning visit and I really don’t know what is the problem of their system that they can’t see notation on the account. I got the same dose of spiel. No tech visit on morning and we left on the afternoon, a globe representative called me to if I need that to be scheduled by tomorrow and I said yes and again I mentioned morning.


      July 25, 2018


      We kept calling for tech visit and we got the generic response from the representatives, I asked for a tech visit before 12 noon.


      Minutes before 12noon

      We got a call from technician and they said that they are on their way to check here and they just need to finish the house they currently servicing that moment. We fell asleep, but no tech visit was made during that day.


      We learned that we have been rescheduled to August 2, 2018 without our permission or knowledge and we confronted several reps. We received a message telling that our problem should be resolved not later than July 26, 2018.


      July 26, 2018


      We called in again morning to make a followup on tech visit, but we got the same response from representative. We even asked for a call back for update but guess what no update. A manager called us back and said they were trying to contact the field officer and they will contact me once they were able to get in touch with the field office.


      I wonder how long it takes to contact a field officer, 8 hours passed and no callback no update. We called in again to see what is happening and guess what? Representative are clueless as f. They said that they will make an escalation for tomorrow schedule.



      I’ve been calling these guys hoping for resolution, their faulty and broken services cost us more than 3000PHP to keep up with our tasks. Calling the CS everyday worsen my depression and rage started to build up within me. We have been penalized for not meeting satisfactory work because our mobile data is limited due to FUP and limited services of Globe and that’s the reason why we availed Globe Fiber Services.


      Until now we still don't have services and our scheduled visit was booked to august without our permission or knowledge.