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    GCASH balance deducted by not reflected in AiRBNB




      I would like to ask if anyone experienced this incident before. I was booking a place in airbnb using GCASH mastercard. I have done this before ( 5 times to be exact) and everything went well until this recent booking.


      I am booking a place for 9 days in Manama, Bahrain amounting to  php 20,775.27. My GCash mastercard has a balance of Php 21,284.50. As I click confirm & pay, Airbnb said "Looks like we couldn’t process your payment. Try a different payment method, and we’ll get you on your way." Upon checking the balance of my Gcash, it was deducted by 20,775.27 (the exact amount airbnb is asking me) and the remaining gcash balance is Php 509.23. And upon checking my airbnb account, no booking was made. Airbnb support tells me that they haven't processed the payment yet due to my card's insufficient balance. Does this mean that Airbnb didn't get the Php 20,775.27 that's why they cannot process my booking?


      I'm calling gcash now but I've been on queue for about 40 minutes. That's a big amount of money for me. Gcash is dealing with e-money and they do not event have a proper customer service contact hotline for this.


      Hope someone can help or let me know how to handle this. Thank you.