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    Wireless Phone with the Wireless Home Broadband not working


      Have plan 1299 installed on July 4th. Broadband is working and I am satisfied.  However, wireless phone that was bundled in the plan is not working. Its been 22 days.


      Been a mobile postpaid user for many years. I trusted globe when they said wait 24 to 48hrs ... wrong decision. Still invalid sim today.


      I chatted and called and many times they said wait for 24-48 hrs. They have confirmed multiple times that it is already active. Asked me many times to remove the sim and turn it back on... still invalid sim.


      On the 20th day, I went to the Globe store in Shang. They found out that the sim was never activated. They cannot find it in their system. Was advised to wait another 24 to 48 hrs. I did

      .. but now on the 21st and 22nd day, still invalid sim.


      All this time, ako lang nagrereach out sa globe. Did not even get a call from them. They did not even expedite it... di man lang nahiya sa kapalpakan nila. Dapat kung ganun mamadaliin na nila... pero hindi. Manigas ka attitude pa din sila.


      Binigyan ako nito sa chat: WSP18070000187


      My question is, how difficult is it for you to activate a sim? And why are you so incompetent? You've been telling me for 3 weeks to remove sim and restart pero di nyo man lang nakita na wala pa sa system nyo na di pa active. Wow talaga... hands down kab*b*han.