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    Plan 999


      i have a samsung j7 pro paln for 999, and my cut-off date is every 12th of the month. last july 19 somebody called me offering add-ons of 2GB for only 99 pesos.  1GB for facebook and 1GB for others. so i have a total of 6GB (1 GB for facebook and 5Gb for surfing) said the caller. so i accepted the offer. now last july 28, 2018 my unbilled balance for internet usage is already 65.11 pesos. as i checked my data usage i found out that its only 3,743.5 MB. how come i was charged for my internet usage if still have 2.3+ GB for my data? my account number is 1066890625

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Jannil.


          Thank you for sharing your account no. I was able to check your account and I can see that you used up your data allocation already, including the add-on. To accurately check your remaining data allocation, I suggest that you check this via *143# or GServices app.