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    Not getting the speed I signed up for since installation


      I am a new globe broadband lte customer here in Pasay. I availed the plan 1599 10mbps with 50gb +100yt. My internet is nearing its second week but I still only have 2mbps download speed since installation. I've already called customer service more times than I can count, waiting more 20minutes each time for someone to pick up my call. I've chatted with GIE who now no longer responds to requests for updates (not even bothering to talk now). All just offered assurances that they are escalating the matter. The technician sent to my address just fiddled with the modem and promised that service will pick up soon. Its been three days since that visit and my speed has not changed.


      Since I've been largely inconvenienced by the service and no ones responding to it now, may I request for a full refund of my initial payment and have this disconnected altogether? I don't have the energy to pursue this matter further and this if this is just the start of my relationship with globe, I don't think I want to stay with the bad service.


      All I want now is to get my money back.