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    Is the contract still valid if.....

      Ive been a postpaid user since 2008, mid last yr i decided to change my plan into all unli plan 599 and avail lumia 610 under loyalty, so I was prompt to sign/renew my contract for another two yrs. but the thing is I returned the unit the next day and requested for the refund of my payment for the unit. Request declined and over payment was credited to my globe acct and used to pay my monthly bills.. My questions are,, was the contract I signed last yr still valid and binding b? And Can I still avail another unit under loyalty?
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          hi Dg16, did they provide an updated contract?  I suggest you call the Hotline to clarify if you have an existing contract or not. And insist that you don't have since you return the loyalty reward handset. Globe provide lock up period if you availed a handset or availed bill rebate under loyalty reward.


          Yes you still can avail loyalty reward if proven you're outside the lock up period.