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    Lack of information




      I just want to know if you guys are aware (especially for people with Prepaid Home Wifi device) that when your data allocation from GoSurf50 promo has 0KB left, then your data allocation from HomeSurf will be unusable? Let me share my recent experience.


      First, I want to thank Globe for giving me, a prepaid subscriber for almost smooth and quality experience from customer service, especially the time when my family had a postpaid internet connection shortcomings, but the technician went to the appointed date and time as was talked over the phone. I am a Globe subscriber for almost half of my life and still is.


      Second, I want to commend Globe for providing people with their Prepaid Home Wifi device. It really helps me a lot in deciding which plan should I go for (that's postpaid, of course) before registering to what I decided.


      I had no problems whatsoever at first, until the time came wherein I experienced slow connection problems, despite still having both registrations available. When I'm trying to ask for help via Chat Assist, well, what can I say, it's very, very disappointing.


      So here's the problem. I've mentioned in my previous statement that I had connection issue even though I'm registered with their promos. I haven't extended my GoSurf at all, and I have HomeSurf worth 2.50 GB at my disposal. I checked my status, and my GoSurf had 0 KB data allocation left. I've also checked my HomeSurf, and fortunately there's still data to be consumed. This is the part where I got confused: "Bakit hindi ako nakakagamit ng internet ng maayos, eh meron pa naman akong data sa HomeSurf?". So, I tried basic troubleshooting guides hoping that the problem was just from the hardware itself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snip the pictures before I do hard reset that time. Before that though, I did a simple device restart for like six times. Still did not work. I did a hard reset, which can be done by pressing a button that is from a minute hole using a sign pen point, or a pin just underneath the device. Nothing happened as well. I tried sending GoSurf status again, but this time, there are no replies coming from the system. Tried the HomeSurf status, thankfully the data is still there. Did stopped the GoSurf promo and tried to register again, but the system did not allow me to register the promo due to multiple promo error. In the end, I have no choice but to forfeit my HomeSurf data as well. After registering a brand new GoSurf promo, I started the conversation from chat assist.


      This is where the biggest disappointment started. I contacted customer service regarding this matter via FB Chat Assist, sending my concern, together with a couple of screenshots to prove it. All they did was give me information like "I understand your concern" and "My sincerest apologies". That is not what I'm looking for. I'm trying to save my data allocation from my HomeSurf, or retrieve it since I already forfeited it due to having no other choice. Even though the concerning amount is trivial, the inflexibility and narrow minded perception of those whom I chatted with was proven. In the first place, I won't have any ordeal like this at all if the information that when your data allocation from GoSurf is 0 KB, you can't consume your HomeSurf allocation was transparent. Unfortunately, this is how business runs. Quality indeed, but the inflexibility will just plummet the quality they're proud of down, and the fault lies to the customer service, or maybe from the company's policy that they are following.


      In the end, the information is not clear at all. Another cash grabbing service found. I wanted help, but instead gave me dissatisfaction. This is my first time, to be honest. Those who will be able to read this, you can either clarify me and help me (that's for moderators and staff related to the forums), or share this concern to others so that they won't have such head aching experience like what I have, again, which is due to lack of information. It started on a small amount, but don't let this getaway and have worse outcomes. I am a very loyal person, but might turn me off into investing a lifetime plan due to a very small misinformation.


      P.S For services people or staff, if you want to help me out, read my concern from chat assist, or contact me using what I have below this concern.




      Baka Ouji

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