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    How to Unsubscribe to myGOCOMBOAAFBFF652


      Hi, I was trying to unsubscribe my GOCOMBOAAFBFF652 so i texted GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 and it said "Sorry, you have entered an invalid keyword. Please make sure your keyword is correct with no extra characters and spaces. For more info on promos, dial *143#, FREE from your Globe/TM mobile phone."    so i tried "GOCOMBOAAFBFF652 STOP" and 8080 said the same thing, im trying to unsubscribe because the day i subscribed to GOCOMBOAAFBFF652 it was so slow that youtube can't even load, google doesn't load too my 652pesos is wasted☹️ so i tried subscribing again "GOSURF50" and the data is still so slow my 702 pesos is wasted   why does globe have to be like this, please answer