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    how can we change our wifi password ?


      Hi, how can we change our wifi password?

      We cannot login in our broadband account using the username and password that was wriiten in our modem.

      Already tried the username using :






      Passowrd :admin


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          Try the following steps:

          1. Connect your wifi to your laptop. Open a browser go to this url:

          2. Log in your account.

          username: user

          password: @l03e1t3

          @ sign, small letter L, zero, three, small E, one, small T, three


          3. On the left side bar, Go to General Settings > Click WLAN settings.

          4. On the interface profile below. On the SSID, type in your desired WIFI name.

          5. Next is Security type, Select WPA2-PSK

          6. Then on WPA-PSK, Type in your desired password. It must be not less than 8 characters A-Z, 0 -9,  a-z combinations.

               Ex. the simplest way. [email protected]@2016

          7. on the WPA encryption type, select AES

          8. Then click on the submit button.

          9. Restart the device then check your connection.

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