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    i cant login to garena im using globe at home prepaid home wifi


      Hi I just want to ask if Im the only one who is experiencing this, i cant login to garena even tho Im connected to the internet and have a load. Sometimes I can login but theres another problem, I cant play league of legends because it says "Houston, we have a problem were not connected" with a space theme background in it. Then recently, 4hours ago. I did login and play league of legends just for 1 game and logout afterwards because we have to eat dinner, then after eating i was trying to login again but the same problem occurs until now. I cant play league because of this. I already contacted Garena for their support but they havent done a single thing to me except giving a ticket. i tried every possible ways to play/login like deleting dns cache, diasbling ipv6 and so many more. If you can help me (the who reading this of course lol) please dont hesitate to reply in this thread and i will accept anything appropriate you say. Thank you. Have a good one.