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    Is there a problem today?


      I am being deducted with my regular prepaid load.

      I am enrolled with GOSAKTO140 since Sunday and checked that my mobile data is still intact.

      I am not happy with this because I have reloaded my phone with Php50 add on and still I am being deducted despite using WIFI of a different provider and even not using any data/WIFI anymore.

      Tell me if I will be given a chance to have my load back or services longer.

      If not, then I guess this is goodbye with Globe.

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          For the Load, it may be given back just make sure you have enough evidences that you are connected to a different network / WiFi. Also, make sure you are not using Mobile Data that it's turned off when you are connected to those network as some devices do automatically use Mobile Data when internet on WiFi is weak or slow.


          I might also suggest using SurfAlert to block consumption of your regular load when you are not registered to a Surf promo.

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              If I may, I have been using my company phone's tablet to hotspot for the

              wifi; and its only today that this happened.

              I have been not using my mobile data under Globe, even restarted my phone

              several times for today just to make sure I am not using any data and still

              my regular load is still being deducted. I do not use wifi and cellular

              data simultaneously as this is not practical.


              Kindly advise on what can I do more because I am afraid to load up again

              whilst I am not using my data yet my regular load is still being deducted.

              I have been receiving notices every 30 min to an hour that I am deducted

              and now my money is at Php2.



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                  I understand. On your case, I suggest you contacting globe and having a case about your problem. What you experience is not normal and should be rectified by Globe's Billing. I also would like to tell you that you can ask Globe for the said Load if your account was proven to be misaligned/malfunctioning.


                  You can contact them at www.globe.com.ph/contactus

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