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    Losing regular load despite 4gb data registered


      I have gosurf50 registered yesterday and then stacked it with 3 Homesurf15, so I have a total of 4gb data (shown in status). This morning I couldn't connect to the internet. It first showed a surfalerst status and then later on, DNS problem. So I kept trying for about an hour with no progress, so I turned off surfalert for a moment, checked my net and viola, sddI have access. I turned surfalert ON again and continue to have access. But upon checking my LOAD, i kept losing 5pesos per 15 mins (despite my surfalert already turned on) all this while I have supposedly 4gb of stacked data ready to be consumed. What happened globe? I'm about to lose all my load, I will update later if I can still access after it's 0. Luckily I only had 35 pesos left but still, that's 2gb of data instead of just 30 mins of facebook. Specially that I am registered with 4gb of data.