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    Having trouble connecting to online matches in Tekken 7


      In my original home in Bay, Laguna, we have a 15 mbps broadband connection. I'm playing Tekken 7 on my laptop and I can find matches with ease (usually 2-5 minutes queue) and connect to people, wifi or wired. Now, I'm currently residing in an apartment near Diliman with a 10 mbps broadband connection, still using the same laptop. However, the game is now struggling to find matches. When I set it to find 3+ bar matches it takes like 10+ minutes and once it finds something, a communication error message occurs. Setting it to find matches with any number of bars will quickly give me opponents with only a 1-bar connection. And when manually playing with a friend who have decent connection speeds (and even with Globe ISP), game always fail to sync. None of these issues happened while I was back in my hometown, that's why I suspected it is the router that is at fault so I decided to post here instead. I've already tried to set a static IP, open ports for the game in the router and firewall, but to no avail. Only using WiFi at the moment but I'm afraid that using wired might not help either so buying an ethernet cable would probably be a waste. Any help is appreciated. I don't have time yet to call a technician to come, as we always come home every weekend and busy with college at weekdays.