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    Getting billed for a service I do not have


      I initially applied for a globe iphone8+ plan. I specifically told the person in store who assisted me that I would only like to proceed with the plan application if an iphone8+ 256mb gold/white unit is available because it wasnt available at another network Im already subscribed to. He then said he will check on it and asked me to wait. after almost an hour of waiting, he confirmed that there is indeed a stock of the specific unit I wanted to avail but its at their main office and would need a few days for the transfer. He said that for me to secure the unit, I would need to be pre approved that very moment so that the transaction would commence. He asked me to fill up a form, choose a plan, explained the cash out procedure and asked for one of my credit cards so that I get approved on the same day. Everything went smoothly. Then he said that he will be issueing me my postpaid sim already which I immediately declined, I then explained again that I will only accept the sim and globe postpaid subscription, if the specific phone unit I wanted was available for me. He said he understood me and did not force me to take the simcard with me when I left. a few hours after leaving the mall, I received a phone call from your company confirming that I indeed did not receive the simcard, i confirmed the info and told them again that I am only availing the service if I can get the iphone8+ gold/white. Weeks passed and no word from anyone from globe. I then called the hotline to ask what the status of my phone request was, I was instructed to get in touch with the store. I contacted the store but everytime I called, the person who assisted me was either out or unavailable. I was leaving the country so I asked my staff to follow up in my behalf since I can actually purchase the unit abroad. My staff was told that the unit was unavailable and that no more stock would come in. I instructed my staff to get details on how I can cancel the subscription request while Im overseas. The sales rep told my staff to make me take an android unit instead and wasnt not helpful at all with the cancellation. Few months passed and Im getting billed monthly for a service I never took, received and used. Noone at the hotline or facebook was helpful at all.