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    New fiber account:  Port forwarding not working


      I have a new fiber account.  I am very familiar with port forwarding configuration.  I have setup the Globe router with port forwarding.  It does not work.  Configured ports are not even open.  I have call Globe tech support 4 times.  Level 1 support has no idea about port forwarding.  Escalations were done, over a week ago.  No answers, no calls, no texts. It is just excruciating trying to get support from Globe.


      UPDATE:  I spent 1 hour and 20-minutes on the phone with Globe Support today.  The results were, ummm, less than stellar.  The first hour was spent with an agent that between long holds, told me to:  contract with a local technician, because they (Globe agents) were "not properly trained on port forwarding", then "check your cabinet where the ports are(!!)", then an even longer hold.  Then, I was told I must have a static IP address and pay P770 per month for it.  Ok, I guess.  Makes no sense, but I'll pay P770 to make this problem go away.  Another long hold.  Now I'm told that I need to increase my credit line so I can add the P770.  Oh, wait, there's more.  I need to wait 6-months before I can request my credit line increase.....

      SERIOUSLY?  Let me get this straight:  I have excellent credit, I own a home, I drive a car that was financed, but I don't qualify for a P770 per month static IP?  Really?

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Donald.


          I do apologize for this inconvenience, but the credit limit is in place to all accounts, it doesn't necessarily mean that your financial status is not enough. Yes, we can request for a credit limit increase, but as per policy from Globe, newly installed accounts must have at least 6 mos tenure in order to make changes on your account.

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              First, thank you for responding.  I appreciate it. 

              Now, my perspective on the experience and your response:

              • Ever wonder why President Duterte is pushing for a 3rd telcom player in the Philippines?  This experience, and Globe's tone deaf response, are precisely why.
              • Your response stated a position:  "This is Globe's policy and everybody has to comply with it.  Sorry."  No recognition of the fact that it is a nonsensical policy.
              • Your response never even mentioned the customer experience.  4 phone calls, many hours on the phone with Globe support?  To get an answer that could have been provided in minutes?  To end up being told that I don't qualify to spend more of my hard-earned cash with Globe?  Is this the customer experience that Globe envisioned?  Untrained, barely-competent support backed by a policy that makes no sense?  I'm certain this will go a long way to promote deep customer loyalty.  Back to the President's position:  This behavior from Globe is symptomatic of a fundamental arrogance.  The position that the customer has little choice.


              The good news?  The performance and stability of the Globe fiber broadband connection are excellent.  The installer/technician who did the install was super. 

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              Hi Globe,


              I am subscribing Fiber Home with IP static Address, and do configured the port forwarding, why is it the ports are still closed?