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    My Globe Prepaid Home Wifi Cannot Connect to Internet has Red Signal Indicator


      It's been 3 days going to four days since we're not able to use our Globe Prepaid Home Wifi.

      The Red signal is not changing to Blue (that will indicate that we can use the Wifi) on which I've already tried

      plugging and unplugging several times the device. I even put it on different locations, one extreme thing I've done is already outside

      our house, but with no luck.


      Can someone please help us? our  Globe Prepaid Home wifi was just 3 months old, and now we can't use it.

      I even called their Help Center (211) and they didn't even attend to my call, for 8 times!!!! I've been waiting for someone to attend to my call

      but almost 30 to 40 minutes, no one ever pick up the phone!!!!! And guess what, yung prepaid home wifi, may load na 599, at isang araw palang naloload di pnmn nagagamit, kakaasar diba??


      Globe please deal with this, what is the problem with our purchase???