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    Globe Data Usage website problem


      Ok my globe broadband Data per month is suppose to be 150GB. The service warns me at around 120GB usage and redirects me to a globe website called broadband status which I need to click continue browsing in order to use my internet, if not I cannot use it because it always redirects me to the broadband status website.


      My problem now is that the website seems to be broken. I cannot continue browsing because it always redirects me to a broken website. I tried calling them but landline 730-1000 doesn't work on my end. Tried twitter @talk2globe but they cant help me seems like Im talking to a dumb robot.


      Here are some screen shots for reference. 2 months ago I didnt have any problem with the status website but now it seems to be out of order.


      sooo 2.png


      As you can also see the web address also. I cant access anything and Im sure I havent consumed my 150GB for the month right now. Its just warning me that Im almost hitting the data usage for the month.