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    Modem router replacement, no dial tone after and intermittent connection


      Hi Globe, I just want to share about what happened to my internet and landline. After requesting to replaced my router modem, from aztech to GAN4PT which they said its a new modem and even their customer service could not help me to troubleshoot over the phone coz they said its not yet being cascaded to them. BPO thing.. well anyways, my point is after it was replaced, 1st i've noticed from 3mpbs my speed increased to 5mbps which is good, however, my upload speed suddenly went down to 0.11mbps as per speedtest oakla, having intermittent connection as well. please kindly fix it. i contacted customer service that day that the router was replaced, they said that the case was still open and technician will go back as per customer service, backjob. i've waited for that technician and not even call or text, no updates from them, shoutout to visatech guys from C. Raymundo Pasig and to JPG Telecom. I am suffering and paying their service without using it. im not asking for rebate or what, i need a good service.