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    Call barring deactivation


      Hi, I have a problem in call barring. My brother activated it through default password of 1234 for all incoming calls due to annoying anonymous calls but when I decided to deactivate the call barring using the same default password, it failed. Does anyone here knows how to fix my problem? I even use already the MMI code for deactivating call barring but it always says connection problem or invalid MMI code. Please help me deactivate this call barring.

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          There are a few reasons this may happen:

          1. The password have been changed by your brother without him knowing so.

          2. You are inputting an invalid MMI code (Invalid Command)

          3. Globe is experiencing technical difficulties that it cannot execute your command successfully.


          Nevertheless, please contact Globe at www.globe.com.ph/contactus to do a manual/system override of your Call Barring settings.

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              1. He doesn't change the call barring password and I know for sure because

              I was looking. He only uses the default password yet it isn't working

              anymore for deactivation.


              2. I'm using this MMI code as of below.




              Please advise if I'm using an invalid MMI code.


              3. Maybe the network provider connection is the issue? Well, I really don't

              know yet and I have no clue of how to fix this. And buying or changing

              another sim will not help as well. The problem is in the default password

              I'm using that doesn't work anymore. The error message after inputting the

              default password for deactivation says operation failed, please try again

              later. I really don't get it.


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