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    ([email protected] LTE MODEM) cant connect after i restored factory settings because of a no sim / no signal error


      ive been so frustrated lately coz i cant seem to connect to the internet coz a week ago the "e" symbol is glowing red indicating that the modem has no signal or no sim.. so i checked the sim if its properly connected and tested it on my phone and it worked fine... so clearly it has something to do with the modem.. so i decided last monday to RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS in the Dashbord (ip: and so it rebooted... but the problem was still there.. the "e" logo was still on RED... so i was goin to check in the dashboard again.. and try to restore factory settings but i cant connect to the wifi anymore... loggin-in in the default SSID and the default WIFI KEY given at the back of the modem gave me a "PASSWORD INCORRECT. TRY AGAIN" error... been contacting the Globe at FACEBOOK but gives me a "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENC. WE WILL GET BACK AT YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" reply...  can anyone pls help...