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    Go big 1299 questions


      Hello, I'm applying for this plan and I have a couple of questions for those who have this plan. Either the CS wasn't being clear to me or wasn't being straight forward that his answer was in conflict to what I'v read.


      1) I've read in the globe newsroom that this plan can be had at a trial period/no lock up. But the CS insists that a lock up is required for this plan. Which is true?


      2) I saw in the globe shop that the LTE version of this plan is 50gb internet data + 100gb youtube data only. But the CS told me that it is actually a 150gb of internet data (i would cancel if 50gb only coz that is too low for my needs). I clarified and he is adamant it's 150gb of internet data. is this true?


      3) He told me that after I consumed the allocated GB, i could still access the internet but at a reduced speed of 30% of my plan's speed. So 30% of 10mbps would be 3mbps, which would not be so bad for me coz I do not really need 10mbps. However as I read the small notes in their T&C, it says there this: "Upon full consumption of monthly data allowance, basic browsing speed of 256kbps will apply." 256kbps is far from 3mbps. Which is true?



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          ok, got an answer (for no 2 at least) from the globe installer who was about to install the plan. For those who will apply to this plan. The installer said it's only 50gb internet data and 100 youtube data. apparently, the agent was lying through his teeth. I was very clear about it. I asked him that I saw in the globe website that the plan indicated only 50gb data and 100gb youtube data. I said if that was the case, I'm going to cancel coz that's too small for my needs). He said no, it's 150gb of internet data and no separate youtube data. So he was clearly lying. Wasted my time and the installers' time and transpo. I canceled.