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      I already reported our modem and telephone last august 12 2018 to be replace because it was flooded they already organize me an technician that will bring the modem august 15 but i havent receive any call from the technician i reported them that day but seems no feedback for my report i speak several agents and supervisor promising me that tomorrow august 16 technician will be there to replace and install a modem and telephone but still no one technician from globe or innove came that day and still waited til august 20 technician call me using landline phone they tell me that they are on the cabinet box on our area i already tell them that internet connection is not my problem and report my report is to replace my modem and telephone because it was flooded i waited til this day but no one came from globe and innove

      and from what happen i promise to do legal action against Globe &Innove against all the report and feedback provided me/False information and keeping my line active but cant use because of we dont have phone and internet

      Supervisor and all of the agent