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    Globe Prepaid WiFi connection issues


      For the past few days (from  July - as of writing) I am experiencing downtimes, slow internet connection and worst no connection at all when I am using my Globe at home Prepaid WiFi. I tried reaching out to Globe's email, sns and hotline 211 yet they only told me that they're just going to make a report about my concern. It's been a month now that I am experiencing this issues over my Prepaid WiFi.


      The network connection on my area is LTE both my SmartPhone and Globe's MyFi pocket wifi works fine yet the thing Globe's Prepaid WiFi which they advertised as much better than of the pocket wifi tend to be WORST from activating, getting the freebie and now on the connection itself.


      I don't know what kind of report they are escalating to their heads one thing is sure my concerns are not yet fixed.