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    FUP Page Problem


      Globe has this annoying habit to redirect us to the FUP page (Referring to : https://broadbandstatus.globe.com.ph/fup ). Apparently this page loves to stop working and now it's scattering to every device that is connected to our router for the past 2-4 hours.


      This is what shows up in the current FUP page. The old FUP page URL had a "3" on the "broadbandstatus" section of the URL.

      What's the point of having this stupid page redirecting us everytime when it just stops the consumers' access to the internet? Loading these stupid pages also take up data and most of the time they load ranging from 5-10 minutes. I'm guessing that they ditched the original URL (which was: https://broadbandstatus3.globe.com.ph/fup), and giving us a more frustrating moment to deal with this.


      This also affects our mobile devices, I have here an iPhone 6S using the Steam app, whenever I open my profile or checking any notifications it gives me the same error (same to the picture above).

      Any help will be appreciated, I just need my internet access back while I still have remaining data before the cap hits me.


      Globe, if you're reading this, please. Fix your bullcrap. We're paying you our hard-earned cash just to receive really bad service and it's already getting to the consumer's nerves, seriously. If you want us to be satisfied with the "Philippines' so-called #1 Internet Service Provider", then help your consumers out, don't leave them hanging.