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      I never thought I had to create an account just to complain about the poor service I am receiving now. I have been using this promo for years but it seems off for awhile. My patience is getting thinner every day. I was expecting that this would satisfy me but no. I am very disappointed by the service I am having. I cannot access to internet daily. Sometimes my data aren’t used full cause the network is very poor. I hope you could do something about this cause I, as a customer, am very dissatisfied and I wish after sharing my concerns, you would do something about it quickly. You will eventually lose customers if the service is very bad and we are paying for that. I hope you understand.

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Amila. I'm very sorry for this experience. May I ask if are you experiencing this in different locations or to a specific location only? Have you tried inserting your SIM to another phone or did you try to turn off and on your phone? Let's try to manually select a network to Globe and your APN should be http.globe.com.ph if you're on prepaid.