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    I'm not getting the speed on what I'm paying For


      I have been dealing with this problem for more than 1month now since na kabit na yung connection ko last (July 14, 2018). Yung pangakong up to 10mbps internet speed which is the 1299 I only get 2mbps connection parang naka limit na 2mbps lang yung makukuha ko. I have a neighbor who have the same plan with me nakakuha sya ng 8-10mbps. The technician already visited me a couple of times pero hindi parin nila ma fix  yung problema. I already requested to change the sim baka kasi na sa sim yung problem pero same speed pa din nakukuha ko. Every time na mag spespeedtest ako 2mbps lang tlga parang naka limit yung connection na 2mbps lang mukuha kng speed. I already called 211 many times hanggang ngayon they still can't find or fix the problem about my internet connection.