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      First of all i dont want to be a hater. I am a fun of globe telecom since i was in highschool. But i am dissapionted and not getting anymore the desired speed or atleast 80percent reliability. Here is the story. Note: This concern is for LTE globe broadband plan 1299. Since the service is installed i recently check the activity of the modem and what is the downspeed and upspeed that im getting. not only to rely in speedtest, I open the GUI of the modem and enter the password opened new tab go to speedtest.net, made a few speedtest. results are 7-10mbps upspeed and 2mbps downspeed which is okay for me and the Signal strenght is 4bars. now, when i download videos i noticed that the download speed that im getting is 200kbps to 600kbps and the modem shows 2mbps to 600mbps which is confusing, if the modem is already converted still not the accurate result, 1mbps is equal to 1,000kbps if i am not mistaken (correct me if im wrong) then the modem is set every 100kbps is equal to 1mbps. if you try to download anything and get a speed of 254kbps the modem shows a 2.54mbps or getting a speed of 859kbps for 8.59mbps on the modem which is not right. therefore the speed of 10mbps from the modem is actually 1000kbps which is 1mbps. On August 24 2018, the signal dropped from blue to yellow and it was a hell of a fcking lag for 2days i only used 35GB of data and im so upset and angry did all the things that i could put the antenna look for a good cignal check the SINR the -dBm and i couldnt find a way to make it blue, called 211agents are not helping. So i decided to give up. Aug 26,2018 the cignal became Blue i was happy log in to took note the Cell ID and others. And yesterday, friday sept1,2018 cignal went back to yellow 1 bar until now it is yellow idk how long will it last and it makes me angry business ruined i have 3 units for peso net. Srysly saturdays and sundays no good signal? RIP globe. Then i decided to log into i noticed that there was a message popped up YOU ARE NOW REGISTERED TO A GO SURF PROMO what the hell, if i am not mistaken if you are registerd into a promo theres always a data capping of 800mb a everyday even u are in an ulimited promo. And i dont know the reason why my LTE sim Globe broadband plan 1299 registered to a promo. But my guess that is the r3ason why im having a slow internet connection and low signal. Is there anyone out there specially from a globe tier3 or whatever tier are you from globe t3chnical team can explain this to me? The hell is wrong with u globe telecom.  So if you read this post, to all new subscriber or want to make a contract with globe think carefully. Feel free to comment.