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    Surveyed not surveyed.


      Applied to upgrade my plan last wed, 08/29/18 and the CSR filed and advised me to wait if my area is SERVICEABLE

      the day after the same CSR called me that they already SURVEYED the area and assured me that my are is indeed serviceable.

      so then they scheduled me to have an installation on Sept 1, 2018 and an installer will be there between 1-5pm. So then Sept. 1 came

      and the whole day passed but no installer did came. Called CSR to ask whats goin on and for the reason that why there is no installer that appeared. but they only reschedule me to Sept 2 between 8AM-12PM since he said tha they can't directly ask and must wait for a report.

      Sept. 2 came today. I waited and followed up for 3 times for the installer and only came around 4:10PM only to say to me that my area weren't

      serviceable. So the time i called the CSR for explanation he said that the only solution was to file again but no rebate or nor anything. I cancelled my weekend plans since i cannot accommodate the installation on weekdays and this is what GLOBE has done.


      Paki ayos naman po yung service nyo. nag sasayang kayo ng di lang oras but ng araw ng tao. Reputable company tapos ganyan. jeez. @