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    Where to get escalated help when the customer service dept and the technical team is just making you run in circles w/o accountability?


      Account Number : 866-466-542

      Work Order ID: 396 304 61

      Postpaid Globe-at-Home Account enrolled in auto-debit payment

      Located in Pasig Area




      I've been having problem with the customer service department and the technical team for almost one month already starting August 10 regarding our internet and landline dial tone outage.Starting from August 10 we have been in a cycle with the customer service and the technical team. We would be given onsite visit schedule where the technician would always fail to visit and we would get text that they will be working on the issue that will be solved no later than 48 hrs and if we asked for update they would just set up another on site visit they would fail to appear to and give the same excuses.


      My issue now is, what accountability can we get from the technical team that they are indeed working on the issue? They could just as easily keep their customers going around with that cycle and when you call customer service all they could do is create follow ups (They even tell us they don't have direct contact to the technical team) and the technical team could just keep making onsite visit schedules they don't intend to show up to and make excuses about the facility/cabinet repairs. Is there anywhere else we could escalate and actually validate the update of the technical team?


      Any help would be gladly appreciated.


      P.S. I've also tried talking to the supervisors. So far I've talked to like 3-4 supervisors who said they would pitch in their support to get our issue fixed but still to no avail.

      P.S. I have also read about horror stories with regards issues like this with Globe and am trying to sort this out as early as possible because it seems to be spiraling that way already with the trend.


      Below is the detailed timeline of the events so far:


      August 10 - Called customer service regarding an existing job order with scheduled visit for August 13.


      August 13 - Said existing job order unceremoniously closed (for a separate discussion). Instead made a new job order leading to our first scheduled visit for this job order on August 17.


      August 17 - No Technician came to visit us, so I called and asked for update in the following days.



      August 19 - Received Text from technical team using Globe's system saying that they are working to restore our broadband and landline services and will no longer push through with our onsite visit and that we should expect an update within 48 hrs.



      August 21 - 48 hrs after the promised date, no update. called contact center for update and follow up.



      August 23 - An onsite visit was scheduled on August 25 even though we were not informed. We only got by the information from calling customer service and verifying through checking the globe at home app.



      August 25 - Technician failed to contact us and visit us again. Asked customer service about whereabouts of technician and was told they were still checking the facility and will be on their way to our location. End of the day, no technician called nor visited.



      August 26 - Received another text from technical team, again using the Globe's system (a number u cant reply to) saying that they are working to restore our broadband and landline services and will no later than August 27 to fix.



      August 28 - No updates yet again from the technical team about the status of their repairs of no later than 48 hrs. Called customer service for updates. At this point I'm not even asking for onsite visits, I was already asking about the status of the "facility or cabinet" repairs. Instead of giving me concrete answers, they set me up for another onsite visit schedule on August 30.



      August 30 - Same story as August 25



      September 1 - Called customer service for update and was informed that the latest report from the technical team was that the problem in the facility is already fixed however the next scheduled visit given was September 17. Considering that this is a back job and a persisting job order we asked for an earlier schedule.



      September 2 - Confirmed that next schedule was September 5



      September 5 - Same story August 30 and 25, (I thought the facility/cabinet problem was fixed on September 1 as per technical team update?)



      September 6 - Received another Globe system text from technical team with the same information of doing repairs for 48 hrs

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          Hello  Sorry to read of your problems with Globe. I have a similar ongoing problem, having lost my connection 2 weeks ago. Three days after reporting the problem, I was told there was an ongoing problem with the service in my area, so my repair schedule was cancelled. However, as I respectfully pointed out to CS, high sided vehicles had snagged the overhead cables which hang low in the road, on three separate occasions, and I was sure that was the case again. The area fault was fixed, but mine, as suspected, remains the same  Clearly, you will be as frustrated as I am. Globe is a business like any other and wishes to retain their customers. I suggest that you call them and ask to speak to the Retention department. Explain your problem and suggest that you may have to seek an alternative provider for services, even though you would wish to remain with Globe. You should get a sympathetic ear and a solution that is satisfactory, together with a bill rebate. The service Globe generally offers is good. I have been with them nearly 6 years. Every company makes mistakes. It is how they fix them that makes the difference between good customer service and bad. I think Globe will do the right thing....