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    How can I get my Prepaid Globe at Home to conntect to these sites?


      IPs in the order listed below....









      There is a DNS server issue with Globe at Home PREPAID units using

      IP4 DNS to 200


      Globe at HOME units have individual IP's like and use these DNS servers:

      IP4 and 112.198115.84


      Note to community...Problem has existed since my unit came out of the box 13 Aug 18 but was first reported 15 Aug 18 with no resolution to date via Ref numbers 116272717, 116277114 and 116282920.  TECH's please use a PREPAID unit when troubleshooting!!!!


      The above sites will connect using TATTOO pocket WiFi and Globe at Home POSTPAID.

      They will NOT connect with Globe at home prepaid...


      Kelly Brown


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