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    No internet connection following a black out, even though I paid all my bills! why?


      Good morning, I am a long time user of bayantel DSL WiFi, and since yesterday, September 15, 2018 I haven't been able to access the internet via my WiFi. I live in the Marulas region of Valenzuela city, and we had been experiencing some power outage the last 2 days. However, ever since the electricity has been back yesterday evening I haven't been able to access my WiFi. I tried everything from resetting my router, turning it off and on again and running a diagnostic on my laptop but it says the DNS server is not accessible. Do I have to go to the globe office in my area and talk to them? Is it a problem with my own specific router or is there something wrong with the server? How long should I expect it to be down? Will it be resolved soon? I am a college student and I need to be able to use my laptop with the WiFi to do my research and studies. Hoping to get a response soon.