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      Hi! We lost our internet connection and landline (as the phone is connected to the modem) last September 9 and was assigned ticket 40227380. A technician visited on September 10 and we had an unstable connection for 3 hours that night before losing connectivity again. We got a second technician visit last September 12. He transferred our account to a new port but since we are no longer on a Platinum plan, he said that he would have to ask his dispatcher to contact Globe to give connectivity to the new port he assigned us to. Again, we had an unstable connection the night of September 12 and lost all connectivity the morning of September 13. We got a text from Globe at Home on September 14, telling us to expect a text update today. No update yet today. Now we know there's an awfully big difference between the level of service of Platinum and non-Platinum broadband and unfortunately, the new Platinum plans are not available in our area and we can no longer resume our old Platinum plan from 2 years ago. Has anyone had a similar experience and how long did it take to resolve? I am resigned to calling Globe customer service every 1-2 days until this is resolved...or until we decide to switch back to PLDT. The only thing better with Globe vs PLDT is that at least Globe keeps problem tickets open, while PLDT closes unresolved problem tickets everyday leading to daily calls to PLDT to open a new problem ticket.