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      We raised problem ticket 40227380 on September 9, when we lost both DSL broadband & landline service. The first technician who went on September 10 could not resolve it. We had unstable internet for 3 hours on September 10 & then it was gone. The next scheduled visit was September 13. The technician that day transferred our account to a new port but said that, since we were not a Platinum account, he was not authorized to contact Globe directly to give connectivity to our new port. He would have to feed back to his dispatcher who would then tell Globe to give connectivity to the new port. We had unstable internet that night again, which disappeared the following morning. We called customer service twice on Sept 14 & received a text that technical would update us in 48 hours. Despite customer service escalating our concern on Sept 13 & 14, we received no update from the technical group & had no internet & landline over the weekend. Customer service scheduled us for a THIRD technical visit today but we haven’t received a text or call from anyone. Are they working at the box where our port is? Who knows? We requested that a supervisor authorized to contact Globe technical directly accompany today’s technician. Is there one accompanying the phantom technician? Who knows? Will Globe make good on their word that we’ve been prioritized for repair? Who knows?