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    Post Paid Re-contracting


      This is frustrating. I am recontracting my line and getting a new Samsung galaxy s4. But it has been 1 week already and there is still no feedback or what so ever for the unit.



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          Alec Jordan Buencamino

          In demand po kasi sa market ang Galaxy S4 kaya po pahirapan ang pag avail. Even those new subscribers are having difficulty in getting their plan bundled with Galaxy S4

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            Hi gmabellera, did you manage to follow up with the hotline? Last time i check, it took 15 days to deliver your handset. Recontracting must first be fully approved and processed before they release the Unit.

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              If they gave you a reference number. Follow it up. I applied via 211 and picked up my phone after 5 days from the globe store I chose.
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                Base on my experience I called the hotline first at around 9am and while waiting for the reference # she advise me that she is having a system issue so i let go of the consultant after a few hrs while on my way to work I got SMS with ref# called 211 to ask what's that for. The consultant advise me it's for recontracting. After my work around 8pm I went to Globe store Sm Fairview when guard ask me I just told him I'll do a pick up :smileywink: when a rep attend to be I did ask him if I can process my recontract and present him the reference number and from there he process everything and luckily there is a stock of white iPhone 5 so I was able to get the unit and pay everything at the same time. From 5 working days to 1?! Not bad i guess :smileytongue: