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    We're #GratefulEveryday for Ü!

    Kenneth Chan

      UPDATE (Sep. 29, 11:20 AM):


      Congratulations Gabby Recto and Czen Reganit for winning our #GratefulEveryday raffle! Your prize is a Huawei Nova 2i which we will deliver for free to you next week!


      Please send me a private message with the following details:


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      UPDATE (Sep. 28, 3:00 PM): Raffle entries are now closed. Thanks for joining!




      Hi Globe pal!


      You're invited to our User Council + Community #GratefulEveryday event on Sept. 28, 2018 at The Globe Tower, BGC! Attendance is FREE!


      Click here to confirm your attendance. Event details below:

      917 Invite v7.jpg

      To confirm your attendance, fill out this form.


      Our surprises don’t end there! Get a chance to win 1 of 2 Huawei Nova 2i by attending the event and following the contest mechanics below:



      1. Leave a comment below and answer this question: “What are you grateful for this month of September?” (uploading a supporting photo is a definite plus!)
      2. Within 24 hours, check your Community inbox and you should receive a private message from Kenneth Chan (me) requesting for the following details:
        • Mobile no.
        • Your current phone model
        • Current city (ex. Taguig City)
      3. Reply to his message with the requested details and click "Send".


      That’s it! Easy, right?


      The winners will be announced during the event on Sept. 28, 2018, between 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at Basement 1, The Globe Tower, BGC.


      We're very excited to see you there at the event because this month of September, Globe Community is truly grateful for YOU.

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          I am grateful for my Victory Group in Church. Like my Globe User Council family, the group is always there for comfort during the darkest times of my life, we share each other’s experiences, when I have problems they are there to guide me, and they are accountable of what is happening to me - they are family to me. Above all, the group is there helping me in my walk with God - Spiritual Growth.

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            There are a lot of things to be grateful everyday from waking up at night (since I work for night shift) to spending every hour with people I care and love.

            For September, I am grateful to achieve my third year of service in my current company. It's been a milestone for me since not everyone can make it. I am looking forward for more years in serving with and for them.

            I am also grateful for Globe and our User Council who have been with me through thick and thin. We may be miles apart yet the bond keeps us closer together. Cheers!

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              Finding those few friends who you consider as your second family is a gem you should really treasure.


              This September, I am grateful to have been able to find my friends who happen to be my churchmates as well. They've been there to uplift and support me whenever I'm down. They are witnesses of all my life's significant milestones. They are those people who I won't think twice to be with or share some interesting or a funny story about my everyday life. As diverse as we are in the group, our relationship with each other is unquestionable.


              People sometimes think or worry about losing connections with their friends when they are away for a long time or haven't been in touch with each other. I, too, had these thoughts in mind. But I assure you, when you find your true friends just as I did, they'll be the ones -- and you to them -- to prove that there's really nothing to worry about and that you can brave Life's Challenges, with God's help, with them by your side.


              As Globe celebrates the connections it made with its customers, I would also like to celebrate my friends, who I consider my second home --- and I am #GratefulEveryday because of them.


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                For September:


                I am grateful for my team finishing off a successful project for the community we're currently handling.


                What I am grateful for everyday:


                I am grateful for having a family who has been there, for having the strength to endure shi*ts thrown at me, for my (imaginary) girlfriend that keeps me going and of course, grateful for God's plan for me.


                You see, there are a lot of things to be grateful for. I can go on and on but just the fact that there's something that we should be grateful for everyday already makes me grateful.


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                  I'm grateful not only on September but this year of 2018 because God gave us many blessings and one of it is my Famly is safe and healthy in our lives... I hope that the remaining months of 2018... More blessings and shared moments with my Family, Friends and Loved Ones as part of my journey.. Having GLOBE that connects us in our daily lives, I believe that this year will be successful yet happy yr to all of us..

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                    Re: We're #GratefulEveryday for Ü!


                    I am grateful for this month of september because of the People I love most! Kahit pagod pagod,wala nang time para sa ibang bagay, nag memeet parati kami for our cell group! Itong month na ito marami akong natutunan with them and I am also blessed na kasama ko sila. Every time we spent time together we bring out the best on us and Also thanks to globe because without Globe we can not communicate well. Pag kasi may gala, kailangan ng load, buti na lang mura mga promos ng globe kaya yun! Pag Gagala, TAWAG LANG tapos G!

                    Looking forward for next month kung ano kaya ang mga susunod na pangyayari and I am sure that next mont is More Grateful Than EVER! #CPAbyOctober201841547301_329059074323264_371085552331522048_n.jpg

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                      Been very grateful every day
                      because of my family. Seeing them happy every day makes my life feel so complete. Of course! Don't forget to mention our every week bonding. 42321881_724575817902002_4788976006343950336_o.jpg

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                        Nowadays, a relationship can lasts for a few weeks na lang. Kung swerte ka naman, maybe a number of months. Kaya naman I am grateful this September since my partner and I will be celebrating our 27th month together. We both decided na mag-gym na rin this month not to build muscles but to be physically fit. Gaddd, tumataba na kami pareho. Aside sa love life ko at pagpapa-fit, I am grateful with Globe mismo for giving us a number of options on how to use or spend our Globe Rewards Points. Imagine, I got to redeem a total of 400 SMAC points this months. That is equivalent to Php 400.00 and ginamit ko siya pandagdag sa pambili ng groceries. #thereissomanythingstobegratefulabout42422368_428880127931559_3058477040756850688_n.jpg42502339_298280617664150_2651184712256585728_n.jpg42494591_169050967340499_1307847705187319808_n.jpg

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                          I'm grateful, not just for this month of September, but gratefuleveryday since I became part of the Social Media Academy community. Every day is a learning opportunity from coaches and fellow members while also being able to contribute by sharing my knowledge and experiences in Digital Marketing.


                          Social Media Academy is an online education platform in the Philippines teaching social media marketing and other aspects of digital marketing. I joined May this year and from then on I've gained a lot of skills and knowledge that led me to a breakthrough in my freelancing journey.


                          I became more confident and successful in working on digital marketing projects. I also know that if in case I stumble upon something that I'm not familiar with, that I will be able to get support and knowledge from the group. Had I not joined the group, it's likely that I'm still doubting my capabilities.


                          One thing to celebrate this month of September is that I was able to convince a friend to be part of the academy. I'm super excited because I know he will level up on his social media marketing efforts for his business because of Social Media Academy. It feels good knowing that somebody is on his way to being even better at what he does.

                          Social Media Academy Group Pic.jpg

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                            This September, I could never be more grateful. I decided to celebrate my birthday in a completely different way: a backpacker trip across Indochina! I am grateful for my company that granted my 10-day leave. I am grateful for my travel buddy who put up with my tantrums and rants along the way. I am grateful for the existence of travel bloggers who posted extremely helpful tips for our DIY trip. The trip was a rollercoaster of emotions: cried heavily inside the War Remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh, sweated profusely during an exhausting temple run at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, and fell in love with Bangkok's colorful chaos. Getting older has never been this fun. I am grateful everyday.

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                              The gift of having my family, my friends, and the girl of my life by my side is already something to be gratified about. Achievements are just a plus and failures are just means to learn more. So, if you are weary, tired, or depress, let me tell you that your life is wonderful. Temporarily, we may suffer a setback, but there will always be opportunities to be happy. There will always be opportunities to be #GratefulEveryday.     

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                                “What are you grateful for this month of September?”




                                grate·ful | \ ˈgrāt-fəl \

                                Definition of grateful

                                1a : appreciative of benefits received

                                b : expressing gratitude grateful thanks

                                2a : affording pleasure or contentment : pleasing

                                b : pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviated




                                Sep·tem·ber | \ sep-ˈtem-bər , səp- \

                                Definition of September

                                : the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar


                                I am GRATEFUL for 3 things every time it is the month of September:


                                1. To have witnessed and participated in a milestone in Philippine Telco industry… the month that Globe Telecom started to offer the nation’s first GSM based mobile telephony system… September 1994. It was that time that Globe challenged the dominant players by putting up its own platform which had become the very basis of all mobile telcos today. Truly this unceasing commitment made communication easier, faster, more convenient and even more fun!


                                Globe Grateful 1994.jpg


                                2. The coming hope of a Merry Christmas… the start of the “er” months. September signals the playing of Christmas carols to remind us of a coming joyous event... a cause for celebration despite the miseries and challenges we have to face. It prods people to go on, to remember our purpose, to stand in case we fall and to live rather than merely to exist. HE who was to be born would be the Savior and the hope for life… such greatness no gratitude could encompass.




                                3. The commemoration of the beginning of LIFE… for me… Birthdays are days to be thankful for and September makes me reflect on the lessons I have learned from the past, the things I am doing in the present and where I would want to be in the future. Thank you for this earthly life.





                                But to put things in the proper perspective, it’s simply GRATEFUL for ALL of Us  and of all things that happen, the good and the bad, the nice and the ugly…  September and every day… for without these, life would not be wonderful.


                                Grateful for just being... Grateful.

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                                  I’m so grateful for this month of September because of many things.  First, I found great true friends who supports me from my ups and downs and who I can really rely upon. Next, I attended a directing and acting workshop and found famous celebrities who have pure heart and would support new comers like me. I got to learn from their shared experiences that they too have their lowest moment like those of the normal people, and that being too famous is not so good. Lastly, I got a lot of new opportunities coming into my life. I have opened and reopened business ventures, new projects and exciting new ideas that would surely be a hit in the future. There’s always a good reason to be #GratefulEveryday.

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                                    A lot of things happened this month of September. Whether it is good or bad, Globe played a vital role in my life. I am always been grateful with how I connect to people. With Globe’s help, I am able to reach out and meet my friends way back in College. I am also able to extend my help with my previous team that I have handled during my Team Lead Apprenticeship days whenever they need assistance, work related or not, which make them feel valued as what I always feel when Globe resolves my concern every time I have issues with my Postpaid line. Being with Globe is like being with my Family. I can easily connect with them with the use of my fingertips and in an instant, they respond faster than what you’ve expected. And lastly, with the use of social media, I am able to expand my network and circle of friends in which I can easily connect, share, and sell my lovely baked goodies. Thanks to Globe’s widest cellular coverage and fastest data connection. Everyone can be reached through text, calls, or chats via web. That is why I am #GratefulEveryday.globe.jpg

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                                      This September I am grateful to be alive.


                                      It felt like September was one of the hea

                                      viest month for me; as I was struggling with depression I felt like giving up on so many times just this month, coupled with the anxiety of trying to reach my dream to be a lawyer. Nonetheless, the passion and love for the law still lives, and I am so grateful for my friends for being there for me during my lowest points and fought by my side just to keep the fire from burning. I am so grateful to be alive as my eyes were opened to the view that even if there are so many things that seems so wrong in the world there are still those people who will love you unconditionally and without any reasons as to why, and there are so many things in this world that we have yet to experience.


                                      I am also grateful for Globe as it is one of the means that links me to the outside world, there are lot of stories that arose from just one text of a friend or call of a loved one, it means so much to have that link with people even though they seem far as, globe tries to sever that issue on distance as everyone's one call, text or chat away from having a good time.




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                                          Kenneth Chan

                                          Thank you for sharing this with us, Carlo. The greatest enemy that we face is ourselves, but those who fight them are the bravest ones. Continue to be brave, and continue to pursue your goals. Always remember, your friends, families and loved ones will be there for you, and of course, Globe will be right beside you all the way. Always do the things that will make you feel #GratefulEveryday

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                                          For many Filipino's, Ber-months is already the start of the Christmas countdown. We are so looking forward for the Christmas season- to relax, reflect, giveback and share, receive gifts and share love. As I am thinking what makes my September extra special is knowing that we are all given the opportunity to make change- for ourselves and those surrounding us because we are given the gift of life and love. A lot has been going on this past couple if months yet there are so many things to be thankful and grateful. Let us restore our love and faith to one another and be the light to affect change. gratefuleverydayIMG_5352 (6).jpg

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                                            Pokemon Go 20160806.PNG

                                            Photo: Playing Pokemon Go in Ortigas (Day 1 - August 6, 2016).


                                            RNav PokemonGo Friendship.png

                                            Photo: The road to Best Friends. Half a heart to go!


                                            Video: Trading with my brother: my Moltres for an Articuno.



                                            I am grateful for my brother and the mobile game Pokemon Go. My brother and I have been playing since Day 1. I am thankful that we get to bond during in-game special events and Community Days despite busy schedules. We get to meet fellow trainers from all walks of life as well as explore new places. This simple game has been around for more than two years, but it is still delightful to see friends, families, and communities go out and play together. #GratefulEveryday



                                            My brother, Gerrard, in blue green with fellow players in Eastwood. These were taken during the Eevee Community Day. Photos by Christian Villegas.

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                                                Kenneth Chan

                                                Thank you for sharing this with us, RNav As they all say, our very first best friend is our siblings. It is truly a wonderful thing to have a brother like yours. To share your interests and to enjoy life together. Continue to do the things you love, so you'll always be #GratefulEveryday

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                                                Napakaraming pangyayari ang naganap ngayong September, may magaganda at meron din mapapangit, may masasaya at meron din naman malulungkot.

                                                Ngayong buwan ng September, nais ko mag pasalamat sa mga nangyari lalong lalo na noon Sept 23. Ito ang araw na nakatapos ako ng isang full marathon at nagawa ko ito sa loob ng inilaan na oras. Sobrang pasasalamat ko dahil ako ay nabuhay pa kahit na sobrang pagod sa kadahilanan ng hindi pag eensayo para sa 42k.

                                                Isa ko pang pinasasalamatan ay sa parehong araw ay nakadalo parin ako sa kidsfest 2018 sa Bulacan kung saan nakasama ko ang mga bata at nag pakita ng aming mga kanya kanyang mga talento. Lalo ako naging masaya ng makakuha kami ng mga awards.

                                                Marami pa akung nais pasalamatan ngayong September pero mas maganda nalang na akin itong isarili.

                                                Sana sa ating pag babalik tanaw, naging mas masaya at lalo tayong naging grateful sa lahat ng ating natanggap na mga biyaya, mapalaki man ito o maliit.FB_IMG_1537920755311.jpgFB_IMG_1537956459966.jpg

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                                                  I am grateful for this month as i'm heading to my 7th year in an awesome company. However, it also the last year of operation of my company. Still happy that i did my best to contribute as much and gave me a bright opportunity with all the skills i acquired. payong.jpg

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                                                    My wife and I are very grateful for this month of September for continuing to receive our Good Lord's blessings including my first monthly US social security retirement benefits.  This enable us to have a much better and comfortable life together; by the way, my wife and I recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.


                                                    Being a member of Globe User Council Community allows me to provide my experiences and contributions to make Globe Telecom not only "SECOND TO NONE" but also the leader in its industry.  I am very grateful to be invited once again to its events and special occasions.  Thank you Globe Telecom.37324710_1025105364324005_2356116099629580288_o.jpg

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                                                      IMG-1580.JPGThere's a lot things to be grateful everyday especially this Month of September, I am grateful to God for giving me another year to celebrate it with awesome people around me,my families and friends who made my birthday extra special. gratefuleveryday

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                                                        FB_IMG_1538016720865.jpgI'm greatful not only for September but for the past months that I get to be with the love of my life, my son. Feeling blessed that god gave him to me

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                                                          I am grateful for this month of September because it's my birth month and I thank God for this wonderful life. #GratefulEveryday

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                                                            I am gratefuleveryday because I was given a chance to live another day in this world BUT this September, I am so grateful that I got tons of free dessert and many more from Globe Platinum. I am also grateful with Globe Platinum's signal because it is very reliable even outside Metro Manila and yep of course I am with my travel buddy and very grateful too that he is always there for me even if I am so moody. Hoping for more travel soon.  



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                                                              I am gratefuleveryday of having me as a User panel of Globe, It's very heart warming na mapabilang ako sa mga Piling users na actively participating this kind of event, very informative solutions for both parties. Thank you Globe!  ❤

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                                                                I'm grateful this month because my 3 year old toddler ecovered after getting sick for a week and lost a few kilos.. Globe played a big role in this because I was calling his pedia from time to time to update him of my son's condition. I'm very thankful that my Globe postpaid plan has unlicalls so I don't have to worry about charges when I am calling his doctor. Thank you so much Globe!FB_IMG_1538049505280.jpg

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                                                                  I am grateful this September for receiving 917 reward points from Globe.  Last September 2018, I received 917 reward points from Globe and it was a surprise because I was not expecting it.  As a postpaid subscriber, this matters a lot.  It shows that Globe cares and is grateful for our 22 year relationship.


                                                                  globe grateful.jpg.png

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                                                                    Iba pala ang pakiramdam kapag nakakuha ka ng premyo sa isang raffle. Sa totoo lang ito ang pinakauna kong panalo sa lahat ng raffle na nasalihan ko.


                                                                    Sobrang nakatutuwa noong nalaman ko na ako ang isa sa mga nakakuha ng Nova 2i, ito ay isa sa mga hindi inaasahang pangyayari na naganap sa aking buhay. Hahahhaha.


                                                                    Ako ay nagpapasalamat sa Globe dahil sa lahat ng napakaraming surprises na inihahanda para sa akin at para sa lahat ng Globe family, community, at subscribers. Simula sa mga rewards, Gcash, at free food hanggang sa TGT tour at masayang experience kasama ng globe community, ako ay lubos na nagpapasalamat. Hahahhahahhahahaha




                                                                    Ito ay ilan sa mga larawan na aking kinuhanan habang binubuksan ang aking bagong Huawei Nova 2i

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                                                                      IMG_1901.jpgMaraming Salamat sa Globe! I am always #GratefulEveryday to globe! Di lang ako natuto sa event, nag enjoy pa ako umikoy sa loob ng globe offices and napaka ganda ang gtg and mga employees ay mababait!

                                                                      Tawag ko nga sa Globe ngayon, Jack of All Trade!

                                                                      Ngayon! Nagpapasalamat ulit ako na nanalo ako sa raffle ng nova2i! Napakaganda ng phone and tuwang tuwa ako na nanalo ako! Salamat Salamat!  P.S. di ako makapag send ng picture dito mamaya send ko. Super Ganda talaga! See you ulit!