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    Globe Prepaid


      Hi. I've been trying to send messages for almost a week now but to no avail. It started last friday morning. I am registered to GOUNLI95 and wasn't able to consume the unli texts to all networks included in the combo but YES, I can call. And at 6 am today, my load has expired. Again, I registered to GOUNLI95 shortly after the previous has expired YET nothing seemed to change. The data works just fine, the calls were incredible, so what IS the problem with the SMS? How do I fix this? I've been doing all there is to fix it with the steps provided in your site. Then, I tried reloading a regular load, tried to send an sms again, but failed. Signal is fine. I don't know how else to fix this thing and I needed it to be fixed asap. I just sent an inquiry to this community but I received an email that it was declined, why?  seemed to change.