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    PTR Record a.k.a. Reverse DNS of STATIC IP


      Anyone from Globe Technical Support to help me to add PTR Record or Reverse DNS on our assigned STATIC IP??

      Customer Support doesn't understand this request during conversation on Customer Service and saying this is not Globe scope which is unbelievable reply of Customer Service.

      I Called Customer service 10x some are saying this can be processed within 24hours unfortunately until now no one can solved.

      Any technical support can help me to solve this?

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          Hi kenofglobe

          Perhaps you can help me to resolve this issue? PTR Record of my Static IP.

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            Scope of public rDNS if you renting STATIC IP,


            Forward DNS (A Record) = Subscriber Scope, can be add to your purchased Domain Name record.

            Reverse DNS (PTR Record) = ISP scope under APNIC helpful to identify/whois your IP Address


            Globe Technical Support Support/Administrator should provide this for you because you paying it for P770/month this records are standard to associate to the static ip that you get.



            The most common uses of the reverse DNS include:

            1. The original use of the rDNS: network troubleshooting via tools such as traceroute, ping, and the "Received:" trace header field for SMTP e-mail, web sites tracking users, CCTV Remote Connection (especially on Internet forums), etc.


            2. A forward-confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS) verification can create a form of authentication showing a valid relationship between the owner of a domain name and the owner of the server that has been given an IP address. While not very thorough, this validation is strong enough to often be used for whitelisting purposes, since spammers and phishers usually cannot achieve forward validation when they use zombie computers to forge domain records.


            3. System logging or monitoring tools often receive entries with the relevant devices specified only by IP addresses. To provide more human-usable data, these programs often perform a reverse lookup before writing the log, thus writing a name rather than the IP address.



            Tools to know PTR Record:



            Hope this article helpful to everyone

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              Hello Jeian

              cc: kenofglobe


              I've request recently to removed my STATIC IP coz no one knows from Globe support how to add PTR, rDNS or Pointer record of  STATIC IP, I'm willing to re-add again the STATIC IP if someone from Globe assist me to have PTR Record?


              Jeian, Kenn

              I really appreciate if you help to point the person knows how to do this from Globe? Same what they did on screenshot No. 2 below.


              I attached screen shot of my previous Static IP, where Globe not successfully add PTR or rDNS


              ScreenShot No. 2

              Sample picture of Globe STATIC IP with PTR


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