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    Activation Sim postpaid plan 999


      Hi team,


      I am starting to be irritated because I have spent over 2 hours yesterday at the Globe store in Market Market and completed all the requirements necessary. After 2 hours of time wasted, I paid and was told my line will be activated with 24 hours. It has now been over 24 hours. I have spent most of my morning to try and reach someone at the Globe CSR but no one is answering besides an automated machine that is asking my 11digit number which I don't have because the globe representative that sold me the plan was unable to give it to me and told me it will be auto generated.


      I am really frustrated at this point and almost on the verge of cancelling everything. I have been a loyal Globe customer for over 3 years in the past and now came back to live in Manila and I feel the service has gotten worse than when I left.


      Can I please have a number to call or at least some help to activate my line?