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    change wifi name and password?


      how to change the name of my wifi at home and it's password?

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          Hi jlanger73 changing your wifi SSID and your password is a bit easy you can just login



          2, login using username : user pw: user


          once login you'll see the interface of your router (just to be sure ung gamit mong router is ung galing sa globe)


          upon login makikita mo tong mga options na Home>Status>Network>Lan>etc


          Click on Network then another options na lalabas


          hanapin mo ung WLAN > SSID Settings  tpos mei lalabas na window nakalagay SSID Name then un ung papalitan mo ng gusto mo


          for security naman nasa option din ng WLAN nakalagay security then ung papalitan mo lng don is ung Passphrase then ok na


          PS: d ako sure dun sa username and password pero most of the time user user lang ung username and password then if ever ayaw pumasok check mo ung under ng router mo from globe minsan nakalagay dun para makaaceess ka ng GUI ng router mo. if not contact customer service nalang your welcome