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    Calling Globe Support Team???? No feedback on my online application


      Applied for Globe broadband plan 1899 Go Unli on 9/11 via online. Website said to expect a feedback within 2 business days.


      No feedback.


      Called 9/21 to request for followup. CSR said they can't see into my online application (what???) but she made a ticket and reference number and told me to expect feedback within 24-48 hours.


      No feedback.


      Called again 9/23 to ask about the feedback. Told what happened so far to CSR and told him to cancel my online application. CSR gave another reference number and told me to expect feedback from Support Team within 24 to 48 hours again (hahaha).


      No feedback.


      May support team ba talaga? If meron, ilang tao? Isa lang? Nakakabwiset tong "expect a feedback" tapos wala pala.


      Kailangan ba talagang puntahan mo physicially in person sa Globe Store para mapadali ang application????