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    Modem Reset


      Hello guys,


      I have already replaced the default password for my modem.

      but dumb ol me forgot the password. if I reset the modem (Reset button for more than 6secs.)

      will my Account's access to the server be deleted too?


      or if I reset (reset button not more than 6secs) will make the modem password back to default?

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          Hello bluviper it depends experience this sa cousin ko nireset ko ung modem nya and what happened is nadelete din ung account nya sa router lumang router ung sa kanya pero ung saken sinubukan ko ireset d nmn nawala ung account na reset lang ang password kasi un ung factory default nya sa pag kakatanda ko black ung lumang modem and ung white na ung bago which is ung nasaken so depende pero makukuha mo nmn ulit ung account mo na un by calling globe

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              Thanks for the reply. I see, what I have is the white modem. Huawei DN8245W.

              I will try resetting later. that is by pressing reset button for less than 5secs. maybe ill get the same result.


              Anyway, maybe Globe will let me have my own login credentials and give me the admin access altogether.

              Again, thanks for the reply. its helpful