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    How to resolve issues about postpaid accounts that were fraudulently opened with Globe?


      I have applied twice for a postpaid line and got declined in 2 different occasions. Reason unknown.


      However, upon prodding, I've learned from Globe Uptown Mall staff that I had 2 unpaid lines way back 2010. And its September 2018 now. Like what???? For 8 years this has been completely unknown to me. So that figures why I kept being denied approval (and I guess, even for credit cards as well). They instructed me to submit Affidavit of Denial about those lines.


      But what baffles me is how in the earth I got 2 lines opened? How stringent was their application process that fraudulent stuff like this pass under their nose? Will I be able to clear up my name? This is incredulous!


      The staff even offered me a "PROMO" to pay only 60% of the outstanding balances to get a new line. Why the f*ck would I pay for something I did not use?


      Could this be even resolved? Reading through previous threads, Globe's actions really scares me.