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    Lots of questions/clarifications about LTE plan 1299


      We just recently installed Globe wifi Plan 1299. When I asked the installers what I needed to know they just left me with the hotline number and it never worked for me because it does not answer any of my inquiries. Anyway here are my questions.

      1. What exactly do I call this plan? Globe postpaid or prepaid lte plan 1299?

      2. It says I availed the 10 mbps plan but how much is my data limit per month? If its 50 gb. Then how can I switch to plan 1599 with 10 mbps and 400 gb data limit. (They said the unli connection hasn't reached our area yet so we have to make do with this one)

      3. If I exceeded my data limit how much do I pay for the extra consumption?

      4. I can't seem to register for the globe at home app. Where do I find the number to input?

      5. When registering for my account I was successful in regestering my personal number but not the the number of the cellphone that came with the modem. It said that account already exists. How is that so?

      6. Does the cellphone only have unli calls? It can't receive nor send any text message.

      Thank you to anyone who can answer my questions.