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    Stolen Prepaid Home Wifi Router


      I use this router for our small business and just got it last April for Php 2,000. I don't want that to go to waste. What options do IIhave and can this still be replaced? Please help.

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Med.


          I'm so sorry to hear that. Have you contacted your local authorities?

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              Hi Ken. No, I haven't reported it to local authorities but I called Globe

              hotline and they said the modem cant be replaced or located since they

              don't have available data. Since I confirmed it stolen, I monitored its

              comsumption using my phone app, the modem is being used. Hotline said I can

              have my sim replaced, I just have to present an affidavit. Also, I didn't

              secure an affidavit since I see it's not practical to spend for attorney's

              fee when I can just buy a new sim for just a small amout. If Globe can

              assure me to replace my modem or locate the original, I'd be happy to

              submit the required documents. Other than that, I don't want to exert so

              much effort if I dont get services in return.


              On Oct 8, 2018 10:19 AM, "kenofglobe" <[email protected]>

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                  Kenneth Chan

                  So sorry, Med, but yes. We cannot have it replaced.

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                      Thanks for confirming that. Then I would like to raise this as a feedback

                      and/or complaint to Globe's Management so you will have additional security

                      measures with your devices. I acknowledge the fact that it's not your fault

                      the modem got stolen. I would like for you to understand that it's not my

                      fault as well. My sliding door's lock was broken by somebody which is how

                      they had access to my house, including the modem.


                      I understand if a Globe customer with a handset can block the IMEI of a

                      device, then I would like to urge you to place the same/similar security

                      measure to your modem. I understand there is already an app in place. Maybe

                      we can have an option to block the device from the app. I would like for

                      someone to contact me regarding this through my mobile at 09151980248

                      anytime after 4PM. I don't mean to be a hard customer, but your customer

                      service response of "No, I can't do anything for you" is unacceptable, and

                      so is the fact that I spent Php 2,000 and will have to spend another Php

                      2,000 hard-earned money for a circumstance I did not intend to happen. I

                      would like to reach a compromise of some sort. May I also have a complaint

                      reference please? Thanks.


                      On Tue, Oct 9, 2018, 09:09 kenofglobe <[email protected]>

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                        Good day. May I follow up on this?