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      I supposed to get may handset order to be delivered yesterday (Oct 11,2018) and i havent recieved it until today. I texted the entrego courier 10am this morning and they said they will delivered it before lunch. I have stayed in my house waited for them and turns out me sending them text and calling 211 to follow up again for the status of delivery. I recieved a feedback from them saying they are calling me 2pm today but they cant reach me. Entrego man who supposed to deliver it knows my exact address.



      Since then, I have been email-ing and talking to Globe agents and until now, all response I got is that they will make a follow-up report on my query and I must keep my lines open just in case the Support Team will contact me (the most nerve-irking response I got from an agent is that the Support Team is calling me and they cant reach me to which I find it even more frustrating because all my lines are perfectly working and I have never gotten any call from them!).



      Globe, all I was just asking is for the delivery status of my handset and deliver it to the agreement date and I cannot understand why is this taking too long! I am a new subscriber and experiencing this now is too frustrating and disappointing. If you do not have time to handle my concern, just tell me right away so I won't be expecting an answer from you.




      What do you expect me to do now?